Savvius Omnipeek

Complete network insight through sophisticated packet analytics
Omnipeek is more than an impressive collection of packet data, stats, and analysis. Its tools and workflows are at your engineer's fingertips, making it easy to drill down, look across, compare, discover, and decide. Omnipeek empowers engineers with rapid-fire analytics and insights so they can make the best decisions, quickly, about your network's speed, application performance, and security.

OmniPeek Network Analysis

All Locations, All Protocols
Omnipeek Enterprise supports local captures from multiple interfaces and connections to an unlimited number of distributed Omnipliance appliances. It also supports data collection from any network topology, including 10 Gigabit and Gigabit networks, and local matrix switches. Omnipeek Enterprise also provides advanced Voice and Video over IP functionality, including signaling and media analyses of voice and video, VoIP playback, voice and video network analysis, Visual Expert, and more. Omnipeek Enterprise is ideal for IT organizations responsible for network analysis and network service level agreements (SLAs) for the entire organization. A license of Omnipeek Enterprise should be considered for each location supported by a network engineer.

Capture Engine of Omnipeek

Distributed 24/7 Network Monitoring and Analysis Software
Capture Engine for Omnipeek captures and analyzes network traffic in real time and records that traffic for post-capture analysis. With Capture Engine for Omnipeek, network engineers can monitor distributed networks remotely and quickly identify and remedy performance bottlenecks without leaving the office. Capture Engine for Omnipeek software probes runs as a service on dedicated Windows servers as well as on Savvius Omnipliances. By deploying Capture Engines in each business location, a network engineering team gains real-time visibility into all its remote networks. Enterprises that cannot afford to staff each office with a network engineer can use Capture Engine for Omnipeek software probes to support network service monitoring and analytics.

Capture Assistant

Simple Remote Packet Capture for End User Devices
Capture Assistant for Omnipeek is a lightweight utility for capturing packets remotely from end user desktops in order to reduce the need for onsite troubleshooting. Capture Assistant is easy to distribute, install, and execute. It enables non-technical users to capture local network traffic for analysis by Help Desk engineers and other IT professionals.

Savvius WiFi Adapters for Omnipeek

A Capture Adapter for Any WLAN
Savvius WiFi Adapters for Omnipeek are USB-connected WLAN devices designed for wireless packet captures. Certified for use with Omnipeek and Capture Engine for Omnipeek, they are available in both 2-stream 802.11ac and 3-stream 802.11n versions.

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